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About National Home Reviews

If you’re looking at national home warranty reviews to find a home warranty company that meets your needs – whether you’re a single family homeowner, a real estate agent, or a property manager – you’re bound to have a few specifics in mind. Let’s face it: there are many different home warranty companies out there. Some are good; others not so much.


National Home Warranty is one of the good ones. National Home Warranty reviews its standard warranty products all of the time to provide clients with affordable prices and reliable services. In addition to its already affordable products, the home warranty company offers discount programs and rebates to qualifying customers (high volume property managers and real estate agents, for example).


If you live in Nevada and Arizona or you own property there, please know that National Home Warranty is currently servicing your area. Although National Home Warranty primarily only did business in Las Vegas when it first started in 1986, the company has expanded to other parts of Nevada. It also services Phoenix and Tucson clients as well. National Home Warranty is one of the premier home warranty companies in the Southwest.


The numbers show this. National Home Warranty boasts the highest customer renewal rates in the industry, and this is so for a number of reasons. One is the affordable prices that we’ve already mentioned. Another reason is the quick customer service. National Home Warranty reviews each claim, and qualifying claims can be processed and repairs scheduled and repaired in as little as 24 hours.


National Home Warranty is currently offering a number of warranty programs to clients in Nevada and Arizona. Call National Home Warranty today at 702-641-8888 in Nevada, 480-428-8800 in Arizona, or toll-free at 1-855-NHW-4USA. Or visit


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