When it comes to a home warranty company, you’ll want to choose an organization with a track record of success. You’ll want a company that uses licensed contractors who will do the job right, a company that is responsive and quick to process your claim, and a company that puts your interests in mind.

Since 1986, National Home Warranty has provided stellar warranty products to residents of Las Vegas and later on to residents of Tuscon and Phoenix. Its range of clients includes individual homeowners, property managers responsible for multi-family homes and complexes, and real estate companies.

National Home Warranty’s dedication to its customers shows in its renewal rates. Its renewal rates are the highest in the industry, showing the level of trust and satisfaction its customers have in the company. If you are looking for the best home warranty company in Nevada and Arizona, remember the name National Home Warranty.

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Features and Benefits of National Home Warranty

Unique Model of In-house Contracting: National Home Warranty reviews contractors’ credentials and hires contractors who are licensed in relevant services, like HVAC, plumbing, and pool/spa. They are full-service contractors, meaning they can perform and other miscellaneous repairs that may not be offered by other warranty companies.

Quick Turnaround on Claims Processing and Repairs: All claims submitted to National Home Warranty are processed as quickly as possible to ensure customer satisfaction. National Home Warranty reviews every claim, and all covered services are scheduled and completed in a timely manner – often in 24 hours or less.

Affordable Warranty Products and Discounts Available: National Home Warranty customers get the most bang for their buck on all warranty products. They get more coverage for less. In addition to that, National Home Warranty offers discount/rebate programs that high volume property managers should certainly consider taking advantage of.

If you’re interested in a high-quality warranty company in Nevada or Arizona, contact representatives from National Home Warranty today!

  • 702-641-8888 in Nevada,
  • 480-428-8800 in Arizona,
  • Or toll-free at 1-855-NHW-4USA.
  • You can also review its warranty programs online.